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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Enneagram Type 8w9

Without justice there can be no peace...
- Martin Luther King Jr.

I can think of no more succinct way to describe the healthy Enneagram 8 with a 9 wing style than the above quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. - type 8's desire for justice and type 9's desire for peace.

This also gives a clue as to how the wing fits in with the primary Enneagram type. Although the 9 wing has a desire for peace, the 8 can see that peace requires action other than simply going along to get along. It requires a fight against unfair treatment. A standing up for one's rights.

The strong man is the man who can stand up for his rights and not hit back...
- Martin Luther King Jr.

What makes Martin Luther King, Jr. most strikingly different from the stereotype of the 8 is his non-violent approach to challenging injustice - remember that he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his efforts.


There's often a misconception that type 8 only wants power and control. This may be true in some cases, but seeking power and control is only one method for being certain that someone is not taken advantage of. Beyond the less healthy antisocial behaviors that Enneagram type 8 can sometimes fall into lie the ideals of truth, fairness, and justice.