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The Composite Enneagram Test

Most, if not all, Enneagram personality type tests are the creation of one person or Enneagram school. This means the test produces a score based on one particular interpretation of the types. The DavesEnneagram.com website emphasizes that there is no single authoritative interpretation of the types. As such it offers resources to the visitor for exploring a number of different interpretations. 

The Composite Enneagram Test created for this website is a composite of several different interpretations of the types. These interpretations don't necessarily match my individual interpretation of the types. The test is meant to avoid my personal bias. I've created other tests at EnneagramUserGuide.com that better represent my interpretation of the types. The composite test is more in keeping with the unbiased approach of this website.

Composite also refers to the fact that the test can be used not only to help determine your primary type but also your preferred wing and your Tritype. It produces a score for each type based on how closely you identify with the statements on the test. With the results you can explore:

  • the highest scores to determine which type is your primary type
  • the wing scores to determine which is your preferred wing
  • the highest score from each center to determine your Tritype

Just click on the link at the top of this post or in the menu at the top of the page to take the test. It's free so take it as many times as you like. I may be updating it from time-to-time as well.