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Dave's Enneagram provides a rich introduction to the Enneagram through Dave's Enneagram Guide and the links to resources provided by various teacher interpretations of the system. However, the primary purpose of Dave's Enneagram is to catalog the experience of type and instinct. It attempts to do this by pointing to examples of type and instinct through songs, type interviews, famous people, and other resources. I've found that learning and applying the Enneagram may start with descriptions of the types, instincts, and concepts of the system, but to truly understand it requires exploring the experience that these concepts are pointing to. In other words, bringing the types to life.

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Songs by Enneagram Type or Instinct

I've seen songs listed by Enneagram type or instinct in various places on the Internet (e.g., YouTube, discussion forums). Unfortunately, they don't often go beyond a caricature of a type. For example, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" doesn't really describe type 7.

Dave's Guide to the Enneagram

Dave's Guide to the Enneagram offers an overview of the Enneagram personality type system.

You can read through just the Brief Overview sections of each page for a quick introduction to the system.

For a more in-depth exploration, click on and read the Detailed Overview sections, click on links under Additional Resources , and watch the Videos if available for that page. Related Books may also be listed at the bottom of the page for a topic.

Songs related to Enneatype and instinct

Experience the Enneatypes by listening to song lyrics that offer insight into type and instinct.

The social instinct can see people not participating in the group or community as being isolated and lonely and can have trouble understanding that people without a strong social instinct are often perfectly happy doing their own thing either by themselves or with a significant other. Contrast this song with Perfectly Lonely.

Instinct: SO
How well does this song match Instinct: SO ?

Enneatype interpretations from various teachers

Explore the different interpretations of the Enneagram by various teachers.

Interviews with people of a given Enneatype

Experience the Enneatypes by listening to individuals describe their particular type.

Voting polls on the types of famous people

What Enneagram Type was Marlon Brando?

1 with a 9 wing
1% (2 votes)
1 with a 2 wing
0% (1 vote)
2 with a 1 wing
0% (0 votes)
2 with a 3 wing
0% (1 vote)
3 with a 2 wing
0% (1 vote)
3 with a 4 wing
2% (4 votes)
4 with a 3 wing
20% (41 votes)
4 with a 5 wing
20% (40 votes)
5 with a 4 wing
0% (1 vote)
5 with a 6 wing
1% (2 votes)
6 with a 5 wing
1% (3 votes)
6 with a 7 wing
2% (4 votes)
7 with a 6 wing
0% (0 votes)
7 with an 8 wing
2% (5 votes)
8 with a 7 wing
5% (11 votes)
8 with a 9 wing
8% (16 votes)
9 with an 8 wing
1% (2 votes)
9 with a 1 wing
0% (0 votes)
Don't know, just show me the results
35% (71 votes)
Total votes: 205
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