Best songs for each type and instinct (round 1)

I've looked at well over 1,000 songs so far in search of lyrics that best describe type and instinct (posting around 100 song videos with lyrics on this site). Since I've decided to take a little break from searching for songs, while I add videos and quotes for famous types to the site, I'm listing below what I've found to be the two best song fits so far for each type and instinct (based on a combination of visitor voting and my own interpretation).

Type 1 - Shut Up by Simple Plan, Get Over It by the Eagles
It's been difficult to find a song that typifies type 1. Shut Up is the best I could find so far that describes the "inner critic." Get Over It reminds me of the type 1 sense of taking responsibility in life (think Judge Judy).

Type 2 - Yes, I'm Your Angel by Yoko Ono, The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton
The reason I'm highlighting this Yoko Ono song is because it's the only type 2 song voted 5 stars at this time. The Broken Ones describes the type 2 tendency to find that person where the type 2 can come in and provide just what that person needs (a fixer' upper that needs what the type 2 uniquely has to offer).

Type 3 - Shape of my Heart by Sting, Human by Cristina Perry
Sting has been typed as SP 3w4. He wrote and performed this song. It offers a different nuance from how type 3 is usually presented with a bias toward the social instinct (having to do with popularity and fame). The Cristina Perry song points to the more generalized ability of type 3 to perform and play the part as required by others.

Type 4 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland, How Could Anybody Know How I Possibly Feel by Morrissey
Judy Garland was a type 4 and her rendition of the song from The Wizard of Oz conveys a longing for what's missing and seemingly unattainable. Morrissey is typed as a 4. His song speaks to the uniqueness of the emotional reality for the type 4 along with questioning the judgement of those who pay the type 4 any admiration (how can I respect their judgement when they can't see how lacking I am - kind of like the old Groucho Marx joke "I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member").

Type 5 - A Song For You by Leon Russell, How by John Lennon
You can hear the emotion in Leon Russell's voice and lyrics when an SX/SP 5 is trying to reach out from behind the safety of the walls to connect with an intimate other. John Lennon's song expresses the general (non-instinct specific) hesitancy type 5 has moving from thinking into doing or feeling.

Type 6 - Closer To Fine by the Indigo Girls, Time by Ozzy Osbourne
The questioning mind of type 6 often looks to others in seeking answers or certainty. Both songs address this theme with the conclusion there are no definitive answers to be found.

Type 7 - Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves, Beautiful by Carole King
At the core of type 7 is a motivation to pursue or experience what's of interest. Follow Your Arrow is saying that people will damn you if you do or damn if you don't, so you might as well just do what you want (a rationalization or justification for ignoring any expectations or limitations others try to impose upon you). Beautiful illustrates how you can choose to feel a certain way just by how you think about it or approach it.

Type 8 - My Way by Frank Sinatra, I'm A Bitch by Meredith Brooks
My Way was covered by a number of singers. It seemed appropriate to post the version by Frank Sinatra since he was a type 8. I'm A Bitch is not simply about being a bitch but about being "a little bit of everything rolled into one." In other words, "nothing in between" but both extremes. The message is along the lines of "don't expect me to be as you want me to be, take me as I am."

Type 9 - Imagine by John Lennon, La De Da by Ringo Starr
Imagine gets at how we are all part of the oneness of life and asks why we can't just get along instead of creating separation and conflict through politics, religion, greed, etc. La De Da alludes to the type 9 ability to let things just roll off your back and not get upset - just go with the flow of things and not make a big fuss over anything.

I offer two songs for each instinct in order to contrast that instinct with the other two.

Self-Preservation Instinct - Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down, Shadow Of A Soul by Godsmack
It's unfortunate that so many people think the self-preservation instinct is simply about material survival (money, health, etc.) when it's more usefully understood in terms of preservation of a sense of self as separate from others. Let Me Be Myself is the self-preservation instinct trying to reclaim the self from within a relationship (SP vs SX). Shadow Of A Soul is the self-preservation instinct trying to reclaim the self from the social (SP vs. SO) - "Too many faces pressing up against my face" is "tearing away what I used to be."

Social Instinct - Piano Man by Billy Joel, Watching The Wheels by John Lennon
Piano Man illustrates the SO/SX social variant as Billy Joel describes his observations and understanding of each member of the crowd intertwined with the part he plays as the piano man for the group. Watching The Wheels juxtaposes the SO and SP instincts where the social is trying to help him back into the game, thinking there's something wrong because he's not playing it, while he's pulling back saying I'm really OK without it.

Sexual or Intimate or One-to-One Instinct - This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Ray, On My Own from Les Miserables
With the Lana Del Ray song the sexual instinct comes from the social and moves to the sexual (SX/SO) - "We don't stick together 'cause we put our love first." Whereas the sexual instinct in On My Own starts from a place of being alone dreaming of being with the intimate (SX/SP) - "On my own pretending he's beside me."