Decoding the Enneagram Personality Types

It seems that far too few people are aware that the Enneagram symbol comes from the Gurdjieff tradition which has nothing to do with personality types. You can listen to Claudio Naranjo briefly describe this (Naranjo is the man from which most, if not all, Enneagram personality type teachers learned about the types - either directly or indirectly).

Yet, Gurdjieff's teachings about the symbol are often misapplied toward understanding the types. This is unfortunate because the symbol can be used to reveal much about the types. To do so however, requires an understanding of how the types use the symbol differently than the Gurdjieff tradition.

I've begun work on a book to introduce just how to use the symbol to better understand the types that I've tentatively titled Decoding the Enneagram Personality Types. it's actually a book I started many years ago but abandoned in favor of introducing the Enneagram Attention approach to the types. However, lately I've come to realize that it may benefit people more to first learn how to effectively apply the symbol to understanding the personality types. 

More to come...