New Version of Dave's Enneagram Website

The old website had been getting a bit stale and was not mobile friendly so I decided to completely update it. Here's some of what's new.

  • Dave's Enneagram Guide has been greatly expanded. If you want to learn about the Enneagram system or explore it's concepts then that's the place to start. I incorporated all the content from into the guide as well.
  • I added a song section where I type the lyrics of songs I've watched on YouTube. I'm trying to find the subtleties of type and instinct within the lyrics (rather than blatant stereotypes or caricatures). I've gone through hundreds of songs already to get the ones I've listed. It's a very tedious process.
  • There's now a special section exploring the types of famous people. I've included type where I feel confident of their type. Where I'm not certain of type (or I'm just curious what others think) I've created typing polls.
  • There really is no one absolute version of the Enneagram but varied interpretations instead, so I added a section offering videos and links from various teachers of the Enneagram.
  • I've added a lot more menu and search options to find information on the site as well.
  • Last, but not least, the website looks great on cell phones (at least on the Android I use). Note that some of the links on this website take you to other people's websites which may not be as friendly to cell phones.

I've still got more updating to do and will continue adding new posts. You can check the latest updates for a listing of posts ordered by most recent changes. And if you want to get to the old web pages for some reason, those are still available (although some of the links may point to the new pages now).