Songs by Enneagram Type or Instinct

I've seen songs listed by Enneagram type or instinct in various places on the Internet (e.g., YouTube, discussion forums). Unfortunately, they don't often go beyond a caricature of a type (for example, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" doesn't really describe type 7).

I've begun posting song videos on this website that I feel point to some aspect of Enneagram type or instinct or both (or on occassion simply have that sort of energy). I've found the music by itself usually doesn't describe type or instinct, it more often describes a particular genre or style of music. Because of this, I place greater emphasis on the lyrics when typing a song (although sometimes the performers interpretation in combination with the lyrics gives the song the feel of the performer's type).

I've gone through hundreds of songs to get the ones I've posted so far. More than half the songs I've listened to are about relationships or love, topics which are generally universal to all types and instincts. Many of the songs currently come from my youth because they're the most familiar to me (70's and 80's), but I'm working my way up through the decades to find more.

I've sometimes included a brief description of what about the song relates to a particular type or instinct or some background on what the song meant to the song writer. However, most of time I've simply quoted a line or two from the lyrics to highlight the typing. I've also mentioned the type of the performer/song writer if it's obvious and relevant. When the meaning of the lyrics isn't clear to me I'll search the Internet to see if I can find something about the lyricist's intent. Some songs can be interpreted in a number of ways (especially if the words are taken as symbolic of something else). Even if the interpretation I'm presenting doesn't match your interpretation, I hope it brings to light some aspect of type or instinct for you.