The Visual Aspects of Song Videos

I determine the Enneagram type or instinct of a song mainly through the lyrics. I don't generally find that the music by itself can be typed - there's just too much room for individual interpretation to narrow it down to one type or instinct (one exception to this is a theme song closely identified with a person or story). Up to this point the song videos I've posted are for the purpose of hearing and reading the lyrics (song audio with the lyrics on screen). However, the visual aspects of a song video can sometimes enhance the meaning of the lyrics or alter the meaning. I'm going through songs I've already posted to add a visual video underneath the lyrics video. Below are the types of videos I'm adding.

  • Promotional Videos - When a song is released, there's usually a music video created to promote the song. The music video often adds context to the lyrics by telling a story or simply presenting visuals that explain the lyrics.
  • Musicals or Theme Songs - Some songs are written specifically for or identified with certain movies, plays, etc. The lyrics of the song (or the music itself) is given meaning by the context of the story. 
  • Live Performance - The type or instinct of the performer of a song can have a significant impact on the interpretation of the lyrics. Part of that performance has to do with the visual impact of it (whether it's simply the expression or song interpretation of the performer or the choreography and arrangement of the performance).

As I add new videos below the existing song videos, the songs will move to the top of the latest updates list. Take a look at the songs that interest you, look at the video underneath the posted lyric video, and see how it affects your typing of the song.