What Enneagram Type is Donald Trump?

US President

1 with a 9 wing
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1 with a 2 wing
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2 with a 1 wing
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2 with a 3 wing
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3 with a 2 wing
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3 with a 4 wing
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4 with a 3 wing
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4 with a 5 wing
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5 with a 4 wing
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5 with a 6 wing
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6 with a 5 wing
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6 with a 7 wing
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7 with a 6 wing
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7 with an 8 wing
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8 with a 7 wing
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8 with a 9 wing
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9 with an 8 wing
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9 with a 1 wing
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He's an Enneagram 3. I know a lot of people think he's an 8, but 8s aren't this dumb. 8s get power in much more clever ways. Threes tell lies and are so full of themselves (note I'm referring to 3s at their worst!) that they weave a web of uncertain falseness everywhere they go. Threes are also very rare, which is another reason people are misidentifying him. I know of two 3s who have crossed my life's path and it's almost comical comparing them all. I read somewhere online that someone said he might also be a 6 that's so unhealthy he's in 3 territory, but the more I think about it, the more I disagree. He's a three through and through, desperate for attention and yes, appreciation (the 3's version of love). When he's at his own worst, he's lazy with his care about results. He says awful things because he's not just selling snake oil. He's producing it and in love with the stuff himself. An 8, as I said before, would not operate so much from emotion (and this guy is filled with it). Chris Christie is an 8, but Trump is a 3. Big difference in how they talk to the press and so on.

agree with anonymous above. Donald Trump is a 3 with a 2 wing, or "the Charmer." We must realize that the "Fight" triad, 378, are all Assertive, Insistent, with a strong self-serving "I want it, and I want it now!" attitude. Threes are self-promoting and that is what DT constantly does. When observing a person's behavior, I look for these three rules:

1. we talk about what is important to us
"I am the most successful person to run for president" = to be seen as a success

2. we give others what we need the most
"You are the greatest" = I want to be seen as great, and therefore I think that you like that too

3. we hurt others with what hurt us the most
"John McCain is a loser, he got caught. I like winners, okay?" = I want to be seen as a success, so, being called a loser would hurt me and I believe it will hurt you too.

Donald Trump as a Three shares behaviors with Seven (self-gratification) and Eight (self-assertion). But, he is clearly a Three based on his core perspective which is expressed in what he does and says.

Trump is definitely a person with a Type 8 personality; a highly unevolved 8 at that.

I can see what you're saying, but I completely disagree with you (accept the part where your said Chris Christie is an 8; he's either an 8 or a very 8ish 6). I have a lot of respect for 8s, and 8s are often very intelligent; but 3s are even more intelligent. You know why they're able to be so deceptive and full of themselves? Because they're smart. He's not desperate for attention (that's the media bias talking), and while he certainly has a more-than-healthy self respect, his past actions particularly in the past couple months have shown that he is also self-sacrificing and humble when he needs to be. He's a smart 8; that's why he's done so well for himself, and why he's such a risk taker. 3s are not uncommon; they are far more common than 5s, 4s, and 2s, and are probably about as common as 8s, though I will admit 3s probably seem more common than they actually are, since they bloat themselves up so much and demand so much attention. (Not to mention the media eats them up.) My uncle, an 8 or 8w9, is not a twin of Donald Trump, but he is extraordinarily similar. The way he says things like they are, the way he says things without really thinking about it, the way he's a very intelligent person but the first impression you get of him is a tough guy and a crowd-pleaser. Donald is/does all of those things.

I think Trump is an 8w7 in the level 3-4 range. 8's can be impulsive and speak rashly; however, this behavior masks his true intelligence: the ability to look controversial issues dead-on in the eye and make the tough decisions. I consider myself an 8 and I relate very strongly to how misunderstood he can be, but I also see that underneath the bluster is a good heart.

I highly doubt Trump to be a Three. His campaign would have been way more polished. You'd have a better argument typing him as a Six, playing on fear. Eights are self-aggrandizing and want credit where it's due. We might consider that a Three motivation, but just as we can feel fear and not automatically be Sixes, I think the same applies here.

He has a pronounced narcistic personality with a pronounced focus on image and anyone who he believes is a threat to that image. In my mind that makes him a three. Plus the use of words, pointing to his uniqueness probably means a four wing

Definitely a 3 and probably 4 wing. Yes, he's a challenger, but it seems to be more for need for recognition and popularity. Look at how often he compares himself to others and says that he's the best at many specific things. Then look at how he reacts when anyone counters him or something goes against his wishes. Success, prestige and being admired seems much more important than the actual money and power that his fame brings. An 8 in power is wanting to achieve their goals. A 3 in power is basking in the social attention.


Interesting debate. As an 8, I tried to honestly put him there after a healthy debate with a good friend, assuming perhaps, he was an excellent study of the 8's Shadow. However, I am so far removed from relating to his need for acceptance & emulation, I just can't see it. When I feel compelled to do anything - on another's behalf or for myself, there is a sense of unbridled determination fueled by resilience with subtle apathy towards my detractors and critics, (not vitriol or vengeance: apathy)... I also quit social media awhile ago, feeling no need to draw attention to achievements, charitable or personal. I trust and follow my gut. I do not appreciate sycophants, nor do I consider myself in the Top 3 levels of 8. So my money is on DT as a 3w4, as his penultimate seems to be the recognition accompanying achievements rather than magnanimity or simple satisfaction from achieving a goal, even in a vacuum, (i.e. putting his name on everything... By comparison, I would never seek public recognition for something as inconsequential as purchasing something - even real estate - even if someone offered to pay for it on my behalf.)

Trump is definitely an 8. Most likely and 8 with a 7 wing. I don't see how he could be a three, though obviously he is comfortable with deception - he does not care near enough what anyone else thinks of him to be a 3. He appears to be an unevolved 8, so sad. loser. just kiddin...'? He appears to have the worse tendencies of the 8 and some of the 7s. He appears to be drawn to other 8s politically, and is liked by many 6s and 3s.

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