TV characters related to Enneatype and instinct

Experience the Enneatypes by watching TV characters that offer insight into type and instinct.

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Enneatype: 1

Playback of the videos below is only allowed from the YouTube website. Click play for either video then click on the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video to play it (the YouTube logo appears after the video is clicked and while the pointer is on the video).
Enneatype: 4

Enneatype: 6

Enneatype: 8

The 1st video contains clips from the show. The 2nd video is Danny DeVito describing the Louie character he played.
Enneatype: 8

The 1st video has clips from the show. The 2nd video is a clip of Tim Allen's stand up comedy from which the show was created.
Enneatype: 7