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Ego-Type 4: Ego-Melan - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Melancholy
Never happy with the present, always looking toward a happy future.

Trap: Authenticity
For this person, the really real mate will always be just around the comer of the next hour or day, or year. With such a mate, this person will then be fulfilled and so authentic.

Holy Idea: Holy Origin
Once he realizes that his essence originates from perfect being, then he knows that he is “really real” now, and not sometime in the future.

Passion: Envy
The Ego-Melancholy person, hoping for the perfect mate or situation in order to feel really real and fulfilled, tends to think most others have achieved this and, of course, is envious of their seeming happiness and earthiness.

Virtue: Equanimity
Happiness in the present moment or equanimity will help overcome the envy of the happiness of others.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies