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Ego-Type 5: Ego-Stinge - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Stinginess
Desires anonymity and to view life from the sidelines.

Trap: Observer
For him life is fascinating to watch from a safe hidden place, but is much too terrifying to take part in.

Holy Idea: Holy Omniscience
The observer, storing up knowledge of life by viewing it from the sidelines, steps into life when he experiences his essence. Then and only then can he truly have full knowledge of life.

Passion: Avarice
Anonymity and security are important to the Ego-Stinge in order that he can safely watch the world from the peephole of his hiding place. Not only is he avid for the means to maintain his corner, he also is greedy for knowledge of what is going on in life, so that he can feel alive.

Virtue: Detachment
Detachment from his secure hiding place and from the need to know everything will relieve him of his avarice, the struggle to protect his anonymity.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies