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Ego-Type 7: Ego-Plan - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Planning
Always planning what to do and what must happen; always disappointed at the outcome.

Trap: Idealism
He is concerned with manipulating the present so that the future will be perfect and the fulfillment of his ideals. When the future becomes the present, he is disappointed and must begin working again toward his ideal.

Holy Idea: Holy Work
For the idealistic planner of the future, the touch of the essence will bring him to live and work in the moment, fully and happily.

Passion: Gluttony
If a little of something is pleasant, then an unlimited amount should bring unheard-of pleasures, so the Ego Plan feels. This projection of present enjoyment into future ecstasy through more and more of the same is a recurring emotional reaction to the good, though each time it ends in uncomfortable satiation and physical distress.

Virtue: Sobriety
Sobriety will soon teach him that happiness is reached step by step and cannot be achieved once and for all by extreme measures and gluttony.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies