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Ego-Type 8: Ego-Venge - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Vengeance
Destructive of self and others out of a sense of injustice.

Trap: Justice
Being aware of living in a very injust world, he is very sensitive to any unfair actions or thoughts directed at him. His immediate response is that of revenge.

Holy Idea: Holy Truth
Once the seeker for justice realizes that his essence follows truly the cosmic laws which are imminently true and just, he will be satisfied and at peace.

Passion: Excess
The person seeking justice and truth very often overdoes his vengeance in his great moral indignation at injustice. Just as he can punish too severely one who he thinks has wronged him, he can be even more punishing to himself when he feels he has failed in justice. Often he will do physical damage to himself.

Virtue: Innocence
The excess of revenge on others and on himself can give way to a childlike innocence. "Why should I want to hurt anyone and why should anyone want to hurt me?”

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies