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Jeff Lebowski (The Dude) - The Big Lebowski


Jeff Lebowski (The Dude) is played by Jeff Bridges who is also a type 9. It's not simply any one scene but the whole movie which portrays The Dude's type 9 nature.

The 1st video clip takes place after The Dude was assaulted by some thugs in his home who mistook him for the wealthy man with the same name (The Big Lebowski). One of them urinated on his rug and he simply wants it replaced by the man they mistook him for. The meeting contrasts the laid-back Dude with the overachieving Big Lebowski and is where the plot-line begins to develop.

The 2nd video clip is an interesting analysis of The Dude, the other characters, and the movie as a whole. It offers insights into the attitude of The Dude highlighting what can be considered some nine-like qualities.