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Enneagram personality tests are nowhere near 100% accurate but they can be used as a starting point for determining your type. You'll need to follow up by further exploring the types and variations that the test has determined for you. Below are some simple tests to help you find that starting point. 

Composite Test

Ranks your Enneagram type preferences to help you determine your dominant type, preferred wing, and Tritype.

Nine statements are presented for each type from various author interpretations. You respond by selecting how much you agree or disagree with each statement in terms of how well it fits you.

Type Preference

Ranks the Enneagram types to offer candidates for which type fits you best.

This test has a similar format to the RHETI sampler. There are 36 statements. You are forced to select one of two choices (forced-choice).

Dominant Type with Wing

Determines your most likely dominant type and preferred wing.

A short test that narrows down the types through a series of statements.

Dominant Type in each Center with Wings (aka Tritype with Wings)

Determines your most likely Tritype and preferred wings.

A short test that narrows down the types through a series of statements.

Instinctual Stacking or Variant

Determines your most likely instinctual stacking.

A very brief test that narrows down the instincts through a series of statements.