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Composite Enneagram Test

Latest test revision: July 31, 2018

This test uses multiple author interpretations to help determine type, wing, and centers.


This test determines a score based on a set of characteristics for each type. The higher the score the more closely you identify with the characteristics for that type. The characteristics are taken from a variety of author interpretations about each type. The test scores can help you determine your primary type, your preferred wing type, and your centers.


The results of Enneagram tests are not definitive but best used as a starting point for you to further explore and confirm the type(s) indentified by the test. Try on the results for fit but hold them loosely. Feel free to take the test more than once trying different choices.


This test presents a list of characteristics for each Enneagram type. Rate each characteristic as to how well it fits or doesn't fit for you.