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Ego-Type 2: Ego-Flat - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Flattery
Needs an approving audience. Many entertainers belong to this group.

Trap: Freedom
Although dependent upon others for constant approval of himself and his actions, he is fighting that dependency in order to be free from social disapproval and approval.

Holy Idea: Holy Freedom
The experience of the essence forces man from a dependence upon the approval of others, and introduces him to the freedom of living the cosmic laws.

Passion: Pride
The Ego-Flattery is dependent upon the approval and applause of others, and he works hard to get them. The constant approval and flattery of others produce Ego Pride.

Virtue: Humility
Humility is the obvious means of overcoming pride. Basically, one can realize that he bears the same perfect essence as others; he is not unique.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies