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Ego-Type 3: Ego-Go - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Vanity
Strives for degrees, positions of importance, power over others.

Trap: Efficiency
He has little patience with inefficiency in others, is looking for more effective and quicker methods of achieving his goals. Thus he may be rather inefficient himself.

Holy Idea: Holy Hope
The seeker for efficiency, resting in his essence, finds that all things are functioning and will continue to function most efficiently according to the cosmic laws. The continual functioning of the cosmos doesn’t depend solely upon his efforts; there is hope for the future, whatever he does or doesn’t do.

Passion: Deceit
One who wants to be known for his accomplishments, positions of influence, and efficiency finds it difficult to admit anything that might mar his public image, so he often is forced into deceit to protect his ego.

Virtue: Truthfulness
Truthfulness will help him to realize that he is what he is. He does not have to use deceit to maintain an outward image of importance.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies