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Ego-Type 6: Ego-Cow - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Cowardice
Needs a strong leader to follow; one who can be protective.

Trap: Security
Since such a person lives in fear—life is always threatening—he always seeks something or someone as protector against impending disaster. He will seek to build up a solid fortune or will become the devoted follower of a strong leader.

Holy Idea: Holy Faith
For one seeking security, his essence will give him the assurance that nothing from outside him can hurt his essence, not even physical death, and he is truly his essence.

Passion: Fear
There is a necessary instinctive fear of dangerous situations in order to safeguard our physical existence. We wouldn’t last long without it. But for the Ego-Coward, all of life is threatening. Enemies surround him, so he must always be on the alert and find someone stronger to protect him. Though such constant fear is painful, yet it is familiar and safe. To live without it would leave one too vulnerable to unexpected attack.

Virtue: Courage
Courage can replace fear. No one or no thing can harm his essence; only he has the choice of strengthening his ego or experiencing his essence.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies