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Ego-Type 9: Ego-In - Oscar Ichazo


Fixation: Indolence
This person seeks love outside himself and makes no effort to find his essence and peace.

Trap: Seeker
He is always seeking outside himself for the solution of his problems, running from guru to guru.

Holy Idea: Holy Love
The seeker is seeking for someone to truly love him, so that he can feel lovable. The experience of “Holy Love” reveals that his essence is pure love. Then he is both loving and lovable.

Passion: Laziness
For the ego-indolent, the ego will persuade him to be very lazy in searching for his essence, though he may be hyperactive in finding ways to avoid working toward his essence.

Virtue: Action
The virtue is action directed toward experiencing one’s essence, overcoming laziness.

Source: Transpersonal Psychologies