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Type Interpretations

There is no single authoritative description of the nine Enneagram personality types. Instead, there are a number of different schools, authors, and teachers who have their own interpretation of the types. Some of the differences between these interpretations are subtle and not very noticeable while others are more obvious. There are two general approaches to dealing with this: 1) use the descriptions of one interpretation or source as a basis for understanding the types or 2) piece together an understanding from multiple interpretations and sources. Below are links to a sampling of type descriptions from a variety of authors/schools.

Enneagram Schools and Authors

What's meant by an Enneagram school is a consulting and/or training group that presents its own interpretation and approach to using and understanding the Enneagram types. People trained through a particular school often become an extension of that interpretation and approach as well. The result is that many websites, and sometimes books, about the Enneagram types may be created by a student or participant of a particular school, resulting in a website or book that's mostly just a restatement of that school's interpretation.

Below are links for exploring a particular school's and/or author's take on the Enneagram types. Authors are either listed on their own or after the school they've founded or participate with. Click on the school or author for additional resource links, books, and videos. The list is not exhaustive and will be added to from time to time.

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