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Type 1: The Good Person - The Enneagram Spectrum

The Good Person

Adaptive Cognitive Schema - Wholeness:

  • You understand perfection to be a process, as something you will always be on your way towards.
  • You trust the growth process in yourself and others. The universe is unfolding as it should.
  • You can appreciate the moment as it is. You enjoy yourself and others as dappled. You are right now just where you ought to be.

Maladaptive Cognitive Schema - Perfection:

  • You think of perfection in terms of a finished product, as something you should have achieved yesterday.
  • You set your own unreachable standards because you don't trust your natural unfolding and development.
  • You believe you need to improve upon the moment. The better is the enemy of the good. Instead of leaving yourself, or others, alone, you interrupt and interfere by trying to make it better.

Adaptive Emotional Schema - Serenity:

  • You are in touch with and are at ease with yourself. You are able to relax in the process of living. You experience the balance and harmony between opposites.

Maladaptive Emotional Schema - Anger:

  • Anger can become an habitual emotional attitude for you. You are resentful because nothing meets your high standards and your expectations aren't fulfilled. You engage in all-or-nothing, black-and-white thinking. Either it's perfect or it's no good at all.


Source: The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles