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Type 6: The Loyal Skeptic - The Narrative Enneagram

The Loyal Skeptic

Focus of Attention
What could go wrong, worst-case scenarios and how to deal with them

Basic Proposition
You can assure life and certainty by avoiding harm (the phobic stance) or facing it (the counter-phobic stance) through vigilance, questioning, and either battling or escaping perceived hazards.

Perceptive, sensitive, loyal, warm, witty, courageous and strategic thinking

Anxious, hyper-vigilant, pessimistic, contrary, over-active imagination

Stress PointEnneagram Type 3
The stress point is where we go when feeling stressed and pressured, or when mobilizing for action.
Security PointEnneagram Type 9
The security point is where we go when feeling relaxed or secure, or paradoxically, when feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

Source: The Narrative Enneagram